Impacts of Covid-19 on the way we consume beauty products

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Since we’ve been facing the sanitary crisis due to the Covid-19, it’s pretty obvious to say that we’ve changed some of our habits. It may be more dramatic for some of us but we cannot deny the impacts of this pandemic on our daily life.

Start your day to be productive – Routine

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Summer’s almost over and it’s already this “back to school” time of the year. Even though this summer was fairly … peculiar, we hope you still enjoyed it and that you found the time to reconnect with yourself. Now it’s time to get back to

A dreamy morning self-care session

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A dreamy morning self-care session  Let’s say the weekend’s here (maybe it’s really here, depending on when you read this blog post 😉 ) and you have the whole weekend free.  What do you do? Would you message your friends or partner and arrange a

Why does my skin look better after sun exposure?

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We all experienced it. Summer comes, we go sunbathing and, if you haven’t overexposed, your skin somewhat seems cleaner. And we won’t lie, that feeling is pretty great: you get better results with the sun than what you can expect from your skincare routine! What’s

Skincare Routine While Traveling

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It can be hard to keep doing your skincare diligently while travelling. With air companies restrictions in addition to a, usually, busy schedule while being away from home, you can feel overwhelmed and decide to skip your routine for a few days/weeks. Here are a

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Essential Oils in Skin Care – Safe To Use

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Essential Oils, which are concentrated plant extracts, can be of great help when it comes to healing, relaxing or even energizing ourselves, they have been used for ages, Egyptian papyruses were already describing some of them, 2800 years ago…! But essential oils are also really

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Fruits and Veggies to Hydrate Yourself and your Skin

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As the heat is slowly hitting the UK, it’s time to be cautious of your daily hydration. Of course, you should be drinking water throughout your day, even more than usual as we tend to sweat more but make sure to not overwork your kidneys.

Bikini and Freedom

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It is almost summer  and, in spite of the lockdown, most of us are dreaming about the sea, sun and a lovely swimsuit. I usually wear white or black bikini. I like the style: it is always as glamorous as comfortable because these small pieces

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Selfcare: Combining Skincare and Video Games

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Mind and body must not be dissociated, we all know this. Selfcare is necessary for everyone and these particular moments dedicated to pamper yourself should be pleasant and funny. Having a good skincare routine can be a relaxing way of showing love to yourself. Be

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Kessa Glove, From Greyness to Radiant Glow

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The first time I went to a hammam was in Morocco. I remember my dear granny and her radiant skin. Every month, she was going to a hammam to exfoliate and rejuvenate her body and face. She often told how important it was to get

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5 Steps To Practice Self-Love

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“Your greatest responsibility is to love yourself and to know you’re enough.” Because if you don’t love yourself, how could you love somebody else? Love is the most amazing feeling out there but also the most questionable, intriguing, almost mystical. It is the one feeling

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Why We Don’t Use Artificial Colours and Fragrances

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Colours and fragrances are additives used in cosmetics (and food industry) to make the product more appealing or, in the case of make-up and perfumes, to give you a certain shade of colour or a particular fragrance. Here, we won’t talk about make-up and perfumes

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Synthetic Ingredients – Are They So Bad

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Are you feeling confused about whether you should be favouring products with natural ingredients only? Is there a product you’d like but the fear of synthetic ingredients is stopping you from buying it? If yes, then you should read further as it will probably give

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The Impact of Pollen on The Skin

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Spring  is here , flowers are blooming, and nature strives again. Although the landscape is lovely, for some of us, it marks the beginning of the worst season of the year: allergies season. We all know the most common symptoms of spring allergies: runny nose,

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Sulphates – Ennemy of Dry Skin

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Sulphates are surfactants used in detergents to foam. Their use is fairly common in soap, dishwashing gel, shampoo, toothpaste, hand soap, floor detergent, etc. You can find them at a high level of concentration as they have a powerful detergent and foaming effect in these

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Fill Your Skin With Vitamins

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Spring bears beautiful treasures. We’re talking here about fruits and veggies. If Winter has a plethora of cabbages and let’s admit it, not so glamourous fruits or vegetables, the sun and nice weather that come back when Spring comes back allow our beautiful planet to

Skin Care Resolutions For 2020 – A Few Ideas

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2020 is definitely a pivot year for all of us. As we face new challenges, we can also take the opportunity to review our lifestyle and bring changes for a healthier, glowier look. No need to change everything at once, we wouldn’t encourage that, as

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Why We Don’t Use Silicones

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Silicons are a pretty popular and common component of classic cosmetic formulas. You’ll find them in makeup, creams, serum, oils, hair treatment, shampoo, soap, etc. Derived from petrochemicals, they are synthetic components that are easy to spot in the ingredients list. Their names often end

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Endocrine Disruptors in Cosmetics

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Endocrine disruptors are a substance or a mix that will impact your endocrine system and will induce negative effects on your health. The effects can be diverse and can lead to pathologies such as obesity, fertility issues (on more than one generation), early puberty and

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Glycolic Acid – A Powerful Exfoliating Ingredient

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Exfoliating is a way to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Doing so can help reach a more even and brighter complexion. There are different ways to exfoliate your face. It can be done mechanically with a granular substance or specific

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Dry Skin on The Face – Our Guide For Glowing Results

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If you suffer like one-third of women in the UK of dry skin (not to be confused with dehydrated skin), you must know how it feels like to experience a kind of tightness, a rough sensation when you touch your skin, rednesses,  fine lines or

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Skin and Sleep – Why sleep is extremely important for your skin

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Did you know that on average, people will spend one-third of their life asleep? Sleeping is vital, like eating or staying hydrated but it is not just “sleeping” that is important. If you always change your sleeping hours, your body clock will have difficulties to

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